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Crazy Toes & Heels
Sock knitting book. 
Knitting Patterns for the "visual learner"...
...if you love patterns that say:
"do this and it should look like this picture".

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Welcome to my  "yarn place" in cyberspace

I wrote a sock book
in 2002 where you use two circular needles
 to knit your socks,
one or two socks at a time.  
It remains a favorite among sock knitters today!

The book was written to knit socks the "new" way, TOE UP SOCKS. 
With detailed directions for knitting with
two circular needles.

However, it also includes a

cuff-down version
 of the sock, if that is what you prefer.

There are
 no "heel flaps".  
The socks are beautifully seamless with no gusset line.

Crazy Toes & Heels
Sock Book also includes:

Several different versions of  sock toes...

Short row heels and toes...

A replaceable or "afterthought" heel...

Crazy Toes & Heels

Sock knitting book is the

"original" any gauge sock formula book.

USE: Any yarn...

KNIT AT: Any gauge...

AND MAKE: Any size sock...

from one
"sock formula"...

Make any size, any gauge, any yarn socks from one pattern.

This is not a "book of patterns" that  you have to make "as presented".  The book is still a favorite for five years for knitters who want to learn to make a lovely generic sock that will perfectly fit you or the sock recipient, not the author of the pattern.

You can add lace, cables, or other features to the basic sock to make it uniquely "your sock".

"The book is packed with knitting tips and tricks,  not only for knitting socks, but many which  you can use for your other knitting  projects too." 
More details here
to see if Crazy Toes & Heels  is a sock knitting book
you may be interested in...
Question:"If you were stranded on a desert island, which is the one sock knitting book you would want with you"... 
Winner  was: Crazy Toes & Heels!

...and a stitch pattern book, so you can make your socks personal... hmmmm.... hope there are sheep on that island, or you will be knitting with coconut husk yarn!

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smiling sunFree Stuff

So far here...

"Aloha" original toe cast-on.

Coming ASAP:
Aloha #2: an invisible toe cast-on that is  incredibly easy to maneuver. 
Kitchener stitch for easy grafting of sock toes, or any knitting, together.

These lessons are from the book and will  give you an idea of the style in which Crazy Toes & Heels is written, with easy to understand "full word"language, and an abundance of clear color photographs.

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Our Yahoo  list  is a friendly  "support list"
for the book,with now over 1,4000 members, all there to help you quickly  find answers to questions you might have as you work through your socks in Crazy Toes & Heels.

We have all "been there, done that" and can talk you through toes, heels, cuffs,  the gauge  formula's and whatever you have need for clarification to you.
Errata      (corrections)
All books are printed "for you" when you order them.
Errata has not been added to since last year. (2004)
 If you have a recent book, you do not need the errata.

I have some ideas for future publications.

Hopefully, there will be time to get these accomplished.

Mittens on two circular needles.

How to convert lace patterns to socks on two circular needles.

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